Investment Advisory

CASTA has provided countless clients with advisory services for every stage of project development. Through helping its clients shape their strategies and examining project feasibilities, CASTA becomes an integrated part of the clients’ teams. Taking into account clinical, economic, financial and market parameters, CASTA develops both the business strategy and the business plan to assure project success. CASTA has helped numerous clients achieve their objectives in healthcare services and the medical device industry. CASTA has a long and proven track record in taking rough ideas through project completion. We can provide solutions to take objectives and ideas to a turnkey result, whether this is a clinic, hospital, medical device market entry, or expansion through merger and acquisition transactions.

Strategic Planning

CASTA has a long term vision for our selected clients. We help our clients identify short, medium and long term business objectives and develop strategic partnerships, international affiliations and alliances. CASTA has worked with leading healthcare organizations around the world to enable our clients to elevate their businesses and achieve success in the competitive market conditions.

Program and Project Management

Not only will CASTA help to shape client strategy, but also we will provide market research, investment advisory, financing and business planning. CASTA can provide total project management solutions. Our experience in developing hospitals can be an asset to our clients and help them to expand their business, or for the investors, help them to enter the healthcare market. Through our commitment to knowledge transfer, CASTA works to improve the management capacity of our clients by integrating our services with their team.