Arranging short or long term financing is one of the most formidable challenges for companies while financing their investments. In this respect, CASTA has been assigned as the financial advisor by numerous new projects and expanding healthcare businesses for finding them the most compatible financial partners, as well as arranging the financing to realize their objectives.

CASTA is associated with a large global network of private equity and venture capital companies, banks and other financial institutions which can help our clients in terms of providing them with the optimum capital structure. Whether a greenfield project or needs for expansion financing, CASTA has developed close relationships with those key financing groups who share our interest and expertise in the healthcare market. Thanks to CASTA’s wide knowledge on the healthcare sector, we have been able to provide investors and lending financial institutions the information they require to realize their return on investment and to make debt financing institutions have the comfort level to provide the needed resources to our clients. Whether it is medical device product sales forecasts, market research or patient revenues, CASTA maintains a vast data base of global healthcare information that is required to secure investment and growth financing.

CASTA also has a robust proven track record of advisory services provided to private equity and venture capital companies which aimed to implement the most feasible investment opportunities for the funds they raised and today CASTA has a strong presence as the leading private equity and venture capital advisor thanks to our unique know-how and connections in the healthcare industry.